Natural Gas Lighting

Imagine outdoor lights that give you a warm glow, don’t attract insects and offer you dependable security by staying on even if the electricity goes off. That’s natural gas lighting.

Safe and secure
Fully light your home and yard and feel safe knowing the lighting will keep on going even if there is a power interruption.

No bugs, just great light
Natural gas lighting does not attract bugs like electric lights do.

Flexible and dependable
Natural gas lighting is ideal in any exterior setting – your patio, pool side or as accent lighting for outdoor fun.

With a variety of models and options available you can find Natural Gas Lighting that is ideal for the use you have in mind.

Where do you want light?
Natural gas lights are available in styles that can be wall mounted, hung from a ceiling or post mounted in the yard or at the end of the driveway. Convenience is met with beauty in natural gas lighting – with plenty of designs you’re certain to find one that compliments your décor perfectly.

Several styles of gaslights are available. 

Post mount or wall mount.


Several working models are installed at our conveniently located offices.


Need help with financing some gas lights? Click here for information on our Customer Financing Program.

Looking for a licensed contractor to install one of these heaters in your area? Click here for a variety of service provider options.



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