Rebate Program Guidelines


Rebates are available to Elk River Public Utility District Residential Customers or Builders who install or convert to the following natural gas appliance(s) in a new or existing home, resulting in additional load to the District.


Rebate Description:


New Natural Gas Water Heater and Heating System Combination


New Natural Gas Water Heater (Propane or Electric to Natural Gas)

$   400

New Natural Gas Heating System (Propane or Electric to Natural Gas)

$   600

New Natural Gas Range, Dryer, Grill or Gas Light

$   100

Replacement Water Heater (Natural Gas to Natural Gas)

$   100

Replacement Heating System (Natural Gas to Natural Gas)

$   150



This program is for Residential Customers or Builders Only and is limited to one rebate for each type of appliance installed in a residential dwelling.


To qualify for a rebate, the heating system must provide the “primary” heating for the residence. Supplemental heating equipment such as un-vented heaters, logs or other gas appliances not specified above do not qualify for a rebate.


If someone other than ERPUD installs the equipment, simply call our office to request a free safety inspection and rebate verification.  Application for rebate(s) must be made within 90 days after the equipment installation to qualify.


If ERPUD installs the equipment, the amount of the applicable rebate(s) will be deducted from your invoice.


ERPUD reserves the right to revise or terminate this program without notice.


Approved by the Board of Commissioners, September 28, 2020